Banner Advertising

Build campaigns that deliver results

We use technology to refine the placements that connect with consumers who convert. 

Targeting: Targeting choices can be chosen based on geography, interests, keywords and demographics. 

Creative: We can take care of the creative or use banner graphics that you provide. 

Networks: Ask us about our options for graphic banner ads and video ads on the following networks.

The Market Exchange Network
Use this programmatic marketing platform to improve conversions as the campaign progresses. We start the campaign with demographic and geographic targeting then use algorithms to favour placements where other like-visitors have made conversions.  Placements improve as data is collected.

Google Display Network
Includes advertising on third party websites that are chosen based on relevance to the keywords associated with your products/services.   

Remarketing allows you to target customers who have shown an interest in your site. When a person leaves your site, Remarketing allows you to display banner ads on 3rd party sites specifically to people who have previously visited pages of your website.

Social Advertising
Run ads on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites based on social targeting. Choose to reach visitors on Facebook who like your page, who are friends of people who like your page or who are a lookalike audience – all  while filtering by demographics, geography and intersts.  This is a powerful marketing tool at a low cost compared to other options.

See our guide to banner ad sizes with examples showing the actual sizes of each.

Banner ad Glossary

Impression: The number of time that a banner ad was displayed to be seen. 

Conversion:  Any action chosen as the desired goal.  This is typically a sign up or purchase.

CPC: Cost per click

CPM: Cost per thousand impressions.

CTR: Click through rate.

dCPM: Dynamic CPM.  A way to buy media on multiple bids from several traffic sources while keeping the CPM below the dCPM. Many placements will be below the dCPM.

PPC: Pay per Click

Programmatic marketing:  Uses algorithms to improve the campaign as it progresses by optimizing placements to goals. 

Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who previously visited your website. You can even show these previous visitors ads that are tailored to them based on which sections of your site they visited.

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