SEM for Managers

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

So now that you know what is involved in search engine marketing, how do you go about implementing an effective marketing strategy? Well, the easiest way would probably be to consult a professional SEO consultant. A harder way would be to handle search engine marketing in-house.

Despite what you may have heard, there really are no secrets to search engine marketing. Getting a high search engine ranking does not take clever tricks or mysterious tactics. It does however take a thorough knowledge of how various search engines rank websites — attributes that may be in short supply where your in-house staff is concerned.

Getting a top search engine ranking also takes content — and lots of it. Unlike humans, search engines are not impressed with graphic intense sites. Generally, search engines like themed sites with simple layouts, and they like popular sites.

Each search engine has a different set of criteria for ranking websites. Most look at link popularity (the number of quality sites that link to your page) and content. All search engines however, look for keywords. Keywords are the everyday words people enter in search engines to find things. Search engines find the theme to the page, figure out how sites refer to the page, and determine the page’s ranking for each keyword. Knowing what each search engine wants is the key to successful search engine marketing.