Basics SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Think about the last time you used a search engine (Yahoo, MSN, Google, Ask) to find a new product or service. Most people do not continue looking past the first 30 entries in the search results. Search engine optimization is the process used to get your website into higher rankings on these search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is usually composed of the following stages:

  • Analysis of your existing web pages (often an analysis of your competitors pages as well)
  • Analysis of keywords compared to various search engine databases to determine which keywords would be most appropriate for your visitors to use when searching for your services or products.
  • Optimization of your site (changes to the website, or a link building strategy)
  • Creation of new pages that includes useful content related to your keywords (if such pages are lacking)
  • Submission of your pages to directories, listings and social media sites.
  • Monitoring and reporting on your position in the search engines.
  • Regular statistical analysis of your website to improve the site