Client Testimonials

Hello Jason, This is amazing and so rewarding! Thank you so much for taking care of the platform and all of your work during these past months. It's been a great dialogue 🙂
When I needed to build a website for a complex project with no prior experience and only two months to design every aspect - branding, graphics, application platform, all of the content - Jason was very easy to work with. He came up with a beautiful design that we received only highly positive feedback for and made a stressful experience a dynamic and positive learning opportunity for me in my career as an organizational development consultant. Red Carpet Web has been on contract with the project for 18 months post-design as we adapt and maintain a platform that services multiple clients and goals. I would recommend Jason and his work to anyone - he is kind, reliable, insightful and very hardworking!
I developed my first business web site in 1995. I spent years trying to find an SEO & PPC expert to get me noticed on the web, with very modest results. These early SEO gurus seemed to be just putting my search terms in some off-the-shelf program they used, and the results were modest at best. When I hired Red Carpet Web Promotions in 2001 I was hoping for a more personalized approach to SEO & PPC. I got it. These guys made the effort to understand my business and the dynamics of my market and were thus able to achieve much better results for my site. Plus, their responsiveness is outstanding. I have rarely had to wait even 24 hours to get a response to my emails, and in the vast majority of cases I’ve gotten a response within hours if not minutes. Plus, Red Carpet has built two new web sites for me over the years, and one for a colleague, and all have turned out very well, and at a reasonable price. You won’t regret hiring this firm!
"So I just checked out the website. I LOVE it! It’s so great. I love how interactive it is. And I love that you put the music right there on the website, and then divided it by movement.  You did a superb job!" - Michael Stibor

"Great web site presentation of the CD and its story.  It looks very clean, crisp and elegant.  The music samples and corresponding track notes are convenient to play and read. Thanks for making this so free of clutter." - Valmar Kurol
Jason helped my firm build a new website. His ideas and choice of the design exceeded my expectations. Jason explained the technical aspects in layman's terms and made me feel confident in his work and continued services. He's always been reachable and quick to respond. Thank you Jason!
Carbicrete just launched its revamped website and we’re thrilled with the job that Red Carpet Web Promotion did for us. Jason and the team took the time to listen to our concerns and delivered a site that really meets our needs.
I had the pleasure of working with Jason Campbell at Red Carpet Web Promotion to create a website for our organization. Jason is competent, professional and efficient. He took the time to understand our needs and made himself readily available throughout the entire process. We are very pleased with the outcome of our new site and would definitely recommend Jason and Red Carpet Web Promotion to any business.
We were looking for participants experiencing memory loss to sign up for research studies in our lab in Sherbrooke. We had little success getting enough participants using traditional means. Red Carpet Web Promotion proposed a web strategy including a new website and targeted Facebook ads. We would have been happy with just two new participants per month and were literally overwhelmed with over 50 new leads in the first month! Red Carpet Web Promotion brought our project online and proved that we could leverage the web to meet our needs. We have also received many compliments on the design of our website.
We have been working with Red Carpet Web Promotion since 2010 and have been pleasantly surprised at the contribution that they brought to the table. They helped me improve my search engine optimization and have been successfully managing my Google AdWords campaigns. It is easy to work with them and I would recommend them for improving your business' online presence.
Red Carpet Web have helped us implement an online marketing strategy with the optimization of our website and a PPC campaign. I can only say good things because of their professionalism and their meticulous working methods. In the last 2 months, we have seen a marked improvement in how COSME shows up in search results. We set up a Google Ad campaign with AdGroups focused on our specific shelving systems and that had generated quotes from new clients finding us online. I am pleased indeed with their service and would recommend them!
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jason Campbell at Red Carpet Web Promotion in the capacity of creating and launching a Google Ads campaign for our organization. Jason Campbell is competent, efficient and very professional to work with. He did an excellent job in managing our key words, promotions and ads and was able to personalize his company’s services to what we needed. Jason was extremely dedicated to our account and our cause and was easily accessible throughout the entire process. I recommend Red Carpet Web Promotion without hesitation and hope that we’ll have a chance to work together again in the future.
Red Carpet Web Promotion taught a web marketing course in Dawson’s Centre for Training and Development (CTD). Being responsible for CTD and for its marketing, I personally enrolled in the course. I liked Red Carpet Web Promotion’s approach to Internet marketing and expertise in this area and have since hired them to set up and run CTD Google AdWords campaigns. They manage our keywords, bids and ads on an ongoing basis. Their service is tailored to our needs and their work is both professional and friendly.
We have been using Red Carpet Web since 2007 for search engine optimization activities including AdWords, video SEO, improving organic search results, authority building, social media marketing and more. The results have been outstanding for our site as well as with the launch of our new site. They have helped keep us on target for both sales and exposure. With their help and advice, we have been able to have a comprehensive strategy that complements our efforts, delivers results and keeps us within our budget.
The team at Red Carpet Web Promotion have been great since the very beginning. One thing about Jason, Shawn et al that sets them above the rest is that they really take the time to understand your business and it doesn’t take long to start seeing results. We are a Thai Massage School and even in our alternative market they truly understand our needs. Furthermore even though we were already well placed in the search engines they have brought us even higher, and introduced us to new key words where we didn’t even rank and brought us into a top 10 ranking. Our product sales have also seen a marked improvement since we began working together. They are a company of high ethical practices which is also very important given our own values. And we look forward to growing together for years to come.
When we were selecting an SEO company to increase our website traffic, we were at a loss on how to choose the best. Since our business is children, Jason won us over with a picture of him with his adorabe daughter. We have been delighted with the services that Red Carpet Web Promotion has provided. We have already experienced an increase in nearly a million page views over 3 months. Jason, Shawn and Johnny have also helped us develop an online directory, Baby Green Genes Marketplace. They found excellent software to build the site and have helped us create a terrific looking online directory for organic, “green” and natural products. The team at Red Carpet Web Promotion is very hands-on and a pleasure to work with.
I never would have guessed that seeing my search results jump from nothing to a Top 5 position in Yahoo! would have resulted in the business opportunities that have come my way. More than just product sales, SEO with Red Carpet Web Promotion has helped reach an entirely unforeseen market opportunity through licensing and revenue sharing!
"Having tried many methods of promoting Oxford College ODL online and not succeeding, I was recommended by a colleague within the industry to try the services offered by Red Carpet Web Promotion. Jason Campbell and Red Carpet Web Promotion have taken the College website from obscurity to rated with a massive increase in traffic in a short space of time. Communication from Oxford, UK to them has been simple and straight forward, with the promotion project set to them executed efficiently and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend Red Carpet Web Promotion, and look forward to continued success with their help in the future."
"Jason Campbell and Red Carpet Web Promotion have always provided quick and efficient service to February Point Resort Estates in developing, maintaining and improving our website over the years. Jason has also been very effective in tracking qualified visitors to our site, as well as maintaining the cost-effectiveness of our internet-related advertising and cross-promotional activities. I would highly recommend him and Red Carpet Web Promotion to any organization."