Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are the sponsored results that appear above organic search results in Google.

As Google puts it, search ads allow advertisers to show ads “to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.” You can out-rank your competitors, either by out-bidding them or by having a better-quality ad and landing page. In addition, Google Search Ads allows for detailed targeting such as geographical, demographical, remarketing, and audience targeting for search; to better assist in maximizing your conversions and resulting in a better return on investment. Search Ads typically reach people who are already in the buying cycle; currently searching for specific products or services.

Types of ads available in Google Search Ads are:

  1. Expanded Text Ads: Allows up to 3 text headlines, 2 text description fields, and 2 optional “path” fields for the display URL.
  2. Responsive Search Ads: Google ads tests different combinations of assets to learn which performs best. Responsive Search ads use a minimum of 3 headlines up to a maximum of 15, a minimum of 2 descriptions up to a maximum of 4.
  3. Dynamic Search Ads: Ideal for websites with a large inventory. Headline and landing pages are created using content from your website.
  4. Call-only Ads: Encourages potential customers to call your business and only appears on devices that can make phone calls. Uses 2 optional headlines, your business name and phone number, as well as 2 lines of descriptive text.
  5. Shopping Ads: In place of keywords, Google Shopping ads use your existing Merchant centre product data to decide where to show your ads. All Shopping ads are created based on the product data that you submit via Merchant Centre.

Google Search campaigns do not support the use of image and video ads.


We setup and track conversions on your website and can optimize ad campaigns based on conversion data. We will recommend changes to the website to better track conversions and improve the conversion rate as part of the setup. Contact us for more information.

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