Facebook Advertising

“More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day.”

Facebook Ads provide audience targeting with great accuracy using profile demographics. Targeting is based on interests, demographics, location, users who like your page, friends of users who like your page, lookalike audiences and more. This level of targeting allows you to test and find audiences that will engage with your brand. Users who view Facebook ads often take action at some point in the future through page or post likes, shares, contributing to online dialogue, spreading awareness and often acting as advocates for your services (whether or not they themselves end up using your services).

Facebook viewers are in a different frame of mind then when on a search engine – socializing as opposed to researching or browsing. Thus, ads can be shared with friends creating a viral effect and expanding your reach at no additional cost. Furthermore, this sharing option compounds an awareness effect because a message from a friend is much more powerful than one from a company.

Facebook ads appear in the newsfeed or on the right side of the timeline when users are using Facebook on mobile or desktop. We have found that the strength of Facebook is to reach audiences who are not actively searching for you but fit the profile of an ideal client. Over time as ads are seen repeatedly users are made aware of your products or services.


Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are also a fantastic way to target Facebook users. With an email and/or a phone list, we are able to target specific ads to each list. Customizing both the ads and the lists make targeting on Facebook very powerful and effective.


The two components of a Facebook ad are 1) the ad itself and 2) targeting options. Facebook offers many ad options including image ads, carousel ads, video and many more. For each campaign multiple audiences are targeted so that we can make modifications based on results – keeping the best audiences and creating new targeting to test. The limiting factor in how many targets we can use is the minimum $5/day per Ad Set that Facebook requires.

Facebook Page

Having a Facebook Page for your business is important to allow you to communicate with potential clients and to expose your products and services to the online community on Facebook. Some clients and potential clients will prefer to communicate on Facebook rather than by email, skype or telephone. It is often surprising how adding this other communication method opens up your business to new clients.

If you do not already have a Facebook Page, we can include creating a Facebook Page for your business in our setup costs as it is a requirement in order to advertise on Facebook.

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