Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are the sponsored results that appear on various websites throughout the Google Display Network. Implementing the use of Display Ads allows you to reach an audience earlier in the buying cycle. By creating engaging headlines and descriptions; in addition to attractive images, Google Display Ads can help you find new customers or re-engage your existing customers at their point of interest. Targeting geographical, demographical, remarketing, and other detailed audiences; such as interests, topics, placements, and customer lists, favours a highly relevant capacity for reach – while driving higher quality results.

Types of ads available in Google Display Ads are:

  1. Expanded Text Ads: Same format as search ads but placement is on sites in the Google display network rather that in search results.
  2. Responsive Display Ads: Uses a machine-learning model to optimize the combination of assets for each ad slot. Ad content includes up to 5 short headlines, 1 long headline, up to 5 descriptions, and your business name. Responsive display ads also allow images or videos to use in conjunction with text assets.
  3. Image Ads: Image ads display an uploaded image that provides information about your business or product. Images can be static, animated, or flash and in a variety of sizes.
  4. Engagement Ads: Interactive, rich media ad formats such as Lightbox ads and Hover-to-Play ads which responsively combine ad assets.
  5. Gmail Ads: Interactive ads that show in the promotions and social tabs of your Gmail inbox. Ad specifications vary for Collapsed and Expanded ads.

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