Advanced SEO

Introduction to Advanced SEO

Search engine optimization is a powerful marketing tool for web based companies. Whenever a web surfer makes a search engine query for a product or service, they’re predisposed to your marketing message. Companies can market through their website without making house calls. Moreover, studies show that search engine traffic outperforms banner ads and email marketing campaigns by producing more purchases, form or catalogue requests, newsletter subscriptions, and software downloads.

Yet the road to high search engine positioning is full of pitfalls. A wrong turn here, a wrong turn there, and you may find your website in a ditch. While many companies promise to see you safely through the torturous paths of search engine positioning, most expect you to pay vast sums for the privilege, or buy expensive software “that’ll submit to over 1500 search engines.”

But subscribing to such schemes is like being in the throes of unrequited love. The attention and effort you shower on hundreds of smaller search engines is a labour lost because the top 5 generate 95% percent of search engine traffic. Professional search engine positioning companies know this and concentrate their efforts on the top search engines. They also know that if a site doesn’t appear in the top 10 or 20 results from a query, its chances of being found decrease exponentially to almost nothing.

On the next few pages, we’ll examine 12 ways to improve your website’s search engine positioning. We discuss optimization strategies and expose the blunders that may cause your site to be buried in rankings so deep, it never gets found, or worse, is never indexed by search engine spiders at all.