Website Statistical Analysis

User activity on your site will be tracked with real-time reporting, which is available online for you to view anytime. You will also receive monthly reports on specific metrics that correspond to the goals of your site.

Further, we will analyze your reports for you, looking for ways to improve results. Some of the ways that our analysis can help include:

  • Finding causes and/or solutions to various problems that may arise. Improving the top paths that users use to navigate your site.
  • Keeping track of which referring websites are sending the best traffic and using that information for more informed link development.
  • Seeing which landing pages are performing the best to recommend further improvements to other pages.
  • Recommending improvements based on time spent on various pages
  • Recommending improvements based on most requested content and most requested keyphrases to improve conversions.

Understanding and analyzing the statistics of a website is imperative for improvement. It helps you to understand your consumers, where they come from, and exactly how they interact with your website. Through this analysis, a company is able to build better advertisements and reinforce marketing strategies.

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