Google Adwords for Search

“On average, Google processes over 63,000 search queries every second, which translates to over 5.4 billion searches per day and 2 trillion searches per year worldwide.”

Google AdWords for Search are the sponsored results
that appear above organic search results in Google.

Using Google AdWords allows advertisers to be at the top of search engine results, regardless of organic listings. You can out-rank your competitors, either by out-bidding them or by having a better-quality ad and landing page.

Google displays sponsored results based on an auction for the highest cost per click for each keyword. If you bid a higher cost per click on a keyword than your competitors, you are more likely to show up above their sponsored search result.

Better Quality
In addition to the cost per click bid, Google also uses the relevance of your ad and the relevance of the destination page on your website to determine the position of ads. Ads that are clicked more often and ads with destination pages that include the keywords get a boost in position.

In addition to these factors Google will also display ads with lower budgets on a rotation. So, if budgets are not sufficient to keep a certain position for competitive keywords you may still appear on rotation a percentage of the time based on your budget.

Geographical Targeting
Since the media spend for Google AdWords is based on a cost per click model, we narrow your target audience as much as possible for the best return on the media spend. Geo-targeting is done at the campaign level. For one product, for example, we might choose to target a particular city and for another we might target users in another country altogether. In this way you do not pay for traffic from areas that are less likely to convert into clients.

We setup and track conversions on your website from users who call the phone number, click to make an appointment, send a message or, more commonly, make a purchase. We will recommend changes to the website to better track conversions and improve the conversion rate as part of the setup.

Google AdWords Ads reach your audience when they are actively searching for your services. It is usually the last interaction before a conversion.

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