Hiring for User Testing

We are Looking for internet users to test a new website

We are looking for people to do a walkthrough of a new website in order to get feedback for further improvements. Our first project is a Canadian charity website. We are working with a user testing company that pays $8 USD for our test and we are adding another $25 CAD as we are in a rush to get this project done. You can work from your own computer, mobile or tablet in your own home or office at your own convenience.

What is involved:

Once you sign up you will download the software to record your experience. Your information will remain confidential. You will also do a a few tests to make sure that the sound quality is good. This should take about 10 minutes. Then we will provide tasks for you to complete on the website. This should take about 30 minutes. The whole thing is under one hour but in two sessions.


  • Have at least 1 year experience using the Web
  • Have purchased products/services on-line in the past year
  • Be fluent in English
  • NOT be in the computer hardware, computer programming or marketing industries

Use these links to sign up.

Click to sign up if you are in one of these 3 categories

18-34 years old. Using your mobile device (and desktop computer).

35-54 years old. Using your desktop or laptop computer.

45-55 years old. Using your tablet (and desktop computer).

Payment to you will be done into your Paypal account upon completion of the user test. Testing will be done as soon as we have enough panelists, likely by the end of June. Please share this link if you know anyone else who is interested.

Thank you. Your feedback will help us improve our client’s website.