In House SEO Consultant

You will be assigned an SEO consultant who will work with your company at your office to improve your overall online presence. The SEO consultant will analyze your online and offline marketing campaigns, make concrete recommendations to improve them, and implement the improvements when appropriate.

The advantages of this arrangement include:

  • No need to hire a new employee, the SEO consultant can come in once per week or even once per month based on your needs.
  • Working at your office creates an atmosphere where the consultant can immerse himself in your company to better understand the needs of your customers.
  • Working at your office will allow the consultant to bounce ideas off of the most appropriate expert in your office in order to develop an understanding of the complexities associated with your industry. Understanding the details is integral to increasing your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Having an SEO expert will allow your staff to ask questions about SEO, and to learn more about Internet marketing.

The SEO consultant would use many of the resources and service that Red Carpet Web Promotion offers its clients, but will bring them together under a set daily fee that would be more cost effective than paying a consultant by the hour or an employee by the year.

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