PPC Management

Placing your listing in paid search results is easy.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the sponsored results that appear above or beside regular search results. Signing up for our PPC management service assures that you will appear in results for searches on specific keyphrases. The networks that we usually recommend are Google AdWords, Bing Ads, YouTube, and Facebook advertising.

Together, we determine a monthly budget based on your keyphrase choices. This amount is flexible and can be adjusted from one month to the next.


We offer two types of PPC management packages:

Percentage of monthly budget
Recommended for budgets under $2000

Separate monthly fees
Recommended for budgets over $2000

There is a one-time setup fee, and a percentage of the monthly budget is spent directly on the PPC. The balance covers the management and reports.

Monthly reports are provided that include clicks and average positions.

Note that $300 is the minimum monthly budget for this option.

The setup, campaign management and spending on search engines are billed separately.

Monthly reports are provided that include clicks and average positions. More detailed reports are available.

You are given direct access to the accounts to check reports and bidding details.

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Setup includes setting up new accounts in any of the PPC networks, choosing the right keyphrases to call up your ads, creating your text ads, choosing positions and geo-targeting. We can also set up conversion tracking on your site.

Campaign management includes monitoring, updating and renewing bids, ads and keyphrases as required to achieve the best value on an ongoing basis. Monthly reports may also be included depending on the package that you choose.

Monthly Spending Budget. A monthly budget should be determined for spending on the paid results. Together, we will set this budget as the maximum spend per month and manage bids so that it does not run out before the end of the month. Please contact us to find out which PPC package would be best for you.


Case Study: Mosquito nets Travel Health Help came to us to sell their mosquito nets online. After we optimized their site they started getting sales from all over the world. This was soon to increase as we began a PPC campaign in Goto.com (renamed Overture, and now Yahoo SM) and later in Google AdWords. Both the sales volume and the variety of products sold have increased since then, and so have their profits. We have since expanded into French and Spanish markets. Because their products are seasonal, we adjust their cost-per-click regularly to remain profitable and to be seen above the fold. They have since sent us the following testimonial at Red Carpet Web Promotion’s website:

“I am pleased and surprised with the results. In a matter of months I have made sales in Canada, the US and England. I never realized that I would be picking up clients from England to California.”


  • We use conversion trackers to make sure that you are spending the amount you need to in order to make a profit.
  • We offer regular reports so that you can verify your return on investment (ROI).
  • We frequently update your bidding in order to keep you competitive.
  • We work in multiple languages.
  • We have been doing PPC advertising since 2001

Red Carpet Web Promotion is here to help you make a profit on the Internet.

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