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To be successful in today’s market and to attract the largest number of potential customers, web merchants must compete for a top spot in the search engines. Search engine optimization, PPC advertising, custom link building strategies, statistical analytics and a host of other unique tools have proven effective in generating more visitors and more sales to merchant sites. Red Carpet Web Promotion offers the following services to cause an increase in visitors, leads and sales for your website:

  1. Facebook Business Pages (Fan Pages)
    A Facebook Page is a customizable presence for a business or brand to join the conversation with Facebook users. The purpose is for a business to build a relationship with its clients and fans enabling them to become advocates for your brand on Facebook. See more information about creating a customized Facebook Business Page.
  2. In House SEO Consultant
    Our search engine specialist can come into your office on a regular basis to focus on improving your website and online marketing campaigns. This is more cost effective than paying by the hour and less expensive than hiring an SEO as an employee.
  3. Landing Pages
    Landing pages compliment and reinforce online advertising by providing visitors with a page that is related specifically to the ad campaign or search term advertised. This is more effective at retaining and converting visitors than sending them directly to your home page.
  4. Website Copywriting
    Content is king, but do you know how to write for both your customers and the search engines? Our copywriters do, and they can also write articles and blogs for you that search engines will love to list.
  5. Keyword Research
    Our research goes beyond just finding the best keywords, but extends to a detailed analysis of all related keyphrases, products, and competitors. This research can help you maximize your online marketing efforts by taking the guesswork out of choosing keyphrases.
  6. Campaign Tracking & Reporting
    We provide professional tracking and reporting capabilities to determine marketing effectiveness and to analyze your campaign’s performance. This service includes a statistical analysis of your website, and monthly reports on specific metrics that are personalized for your business.
  7. Ongoing Research & Support
    We are constantly adjusting our website marketing strategies to reflect market changes. Our ongoing research will uncover new search engine ranking criteria and new opportunities to promote your site. We are a phone call away to discuss any ideas or issues relating to your website promotion program. With our extensive research, innovative strategies, and regular monitoring, Red Carpet Web Promotion has proven that exponential sales increases are possible for your website.
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