Advanced SEO

Page Titles

Page titles are critical in achieving top search engine positioning. Search engines vary in how much of the title they actually index. Some display as little as 50 characters of the title, others as much as 150. If you don’t want any of your title getting cut off in the search engine results page, it’s a good idea to keep it under 50 characters.

Many site owners mistakenly believe they should put their company names in the title tag. This is only a good idea if you are a well-known company such as Nike, or Microsoft, that people search for by name. You should assume that most potential customers will be searching for specific products or services, not a particular company name. For example, if your company is named “Dexter & Dexter” and you’re window cleaners in Florida, putting only “Dexter & Dexter” in your title tag won’t mean very much. For branding purposes, you can start your title with your company name and follow it up with your product or service.

Continuing with the above example, you would want your company’s site to appear in search engine results for keyword queries such as “Florida window cleaners.” You would need to be even more specific if you only wanted to work for people in the Miami area. In that case, you’d use keywords such as “Miami window cleaners” in your site’s title tags.

The title tag is also what you see as the link in a search engine result, so an ideal title for the above example would be: Dexter & Dexter – Miami window cleaners.