Usability Testing

Usability testing involves observing real people while they navigate the pages and functions of your website.

A user test is usually simple, and will bring in oodles of high-quality data for improvement that might never have been uncovered without live testing.

Live Moderated User Testing

User tests are done with a moderator, either at your office or in a separate lab. We test five subjects that fit the target profile, giving them a number of tasks to perform. The moderator guides the subjects, without leading them, in order to measure qualitative aspects of the website. Usually this will expose about 80% of the usability problems on a website related to the chosen tasks.


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Unmoderated Usability Testing

User tests are usually done remotely while the user’s face is recorded by video along with a corresponding screen capture video. The videos of 5 subjects performing assigned tasks are analysed to measure the qualitative aspects of the website. This test will expose usability weaknesses. Unmoderated testing may lack the pinpointing of issues that may be explored by a moderator but makes up for it with the lower price tag.

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