Basics SEO

How to Improve Your Position

Below is a summary of the most important factors to consider when trying to improve your position in search engine results. Please see our detailed guide for more advanced tips.

Content is a very important factor in achieving high search engine ranking. Search engine spiders love text-rich sites, but can often only “see” actual HTML text on a page, not text “hidden” in graphics or Flash animations (although this is improving).

Keywords are the everyday words people enter in search engines to find products and services. If you are a book seller and decide to use “previously enjoyed books” as your keyword, when what you are really selling are “used books”, your website counter may never make it passed zero.

Make a list of potential keywords by talking with employees, customers, family members and friends. Finalize the list with keyword popularity tools such as Wordtracker and Google AdWord’s Keyword tool, and then try searching under those terms. Take notes on how many similar documents are found, and for which competitors, before optimizing your pages for the most relevant keywords. When it is appropriate for the reader, keywords should appear in the following places:

  • URL
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tags (Keywords, Descriptions, etc.)
  • Headers (H1-H6)
  • Body Text
  • Text Links (A HREF)
  • Alt Tags

Spamming search engines is a good way to get banned. Even if you are not caught right away, your search engine ranking may suffer because of fraudulent techniques. So what exactly do search engines consider spam? The following list is “old school” spam:

  • Using text that is the same color, or just a slightly different color than the background to “hide” words.
  • Repeating a keyword over and over again in your Keyword Meta Tag, Title Tag, or even on the page itself.
  • Creating a page which is stuffed with keyword content so far down the page that few people will see it.
  • Creating a plain page specifically designed for high search engine ranking, and then once it is indexed, uploading a different page to your server.
  • Submitting a page to the search engines that automatically redirects to a page with different content.
  • Getting listed on hundreds of websites, regardless of the value or appropriateness of the link

The most effective results are obtained from websites that were designed with search engine optimization in mind. It is too bad that the majority of website designers pay little attention to how a search engine would index their sites. You know what is even worse is that some website layouts prevent the search engines from indexing the site at all!