Basics SEO

Usability Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Besides figuring out how to place keywords strategically, keep in mind the basics for a good web page design. Web surfers do not like wasting time. If it is difficult for them to surf your site, they will automatically click off and surf your competitors’. Here are a few valuable tips to keep in mind…

Failing to hook visitors immediately: The average person spends less than six seconds on a home page before clicking off. Make sure your home page has a strong visual introduction. If you are involved in an e-commerce business, remember the one-click rule: never let your customers be more than one click away from a buying decision.

Too little white space: Clutter confuses. Think logical, I know you want the viewer to see your point but do not bombard them with an overload of information at one time. Your logo should be the first image to meet an online visitor’s eye. Avoid banners that detract from your own image or position them lower on your home page.

Big blocks of text: Do not treat your website as a book; add a little excitement to it. Online text must be concise and catchy. Organize information in bullet formation or numbered lists. Make it easy for users to browse to find the information that they may be looking for.

Too many graphics: Large and complex graphics take a long time to load and irritate a surfer’s patience. Remember less is best.

Lack of contact information: Give visitors the know-how to reach you; either by email, fax, phone or snail mail. Otherwise, they may wonder about your credibility.