Basics SEO

Search Engine Submissions

When someone links to your website, the search engines send a “spider” to follow that link and add your website into its database. A spider is a program that enters your website and categorizes the information therein contained to determine your website’s ranking in search results. Using algorithms the search engine will determine whether your page will be ranked number 1 or 1000 when a potential customer is searching for your product or service.

While software can help automate certain tasks, directory submission shouldn’t be one of them. You may think manual submissions are time-consuming, but just consider: you probably spent hours building your website, so what’s 30 minutes more, especially when it will ensure that your page is indexed properly?

Once your web pages have been submitted to the major directories and appropriate industry-related websites, be sure to monitor their progress over the coming months. Be ready to resubmit if necessary.