Advanced SEO

Choosing a Domain Name

How do we go about choosing the right domain name?

Simple. We choose a domain that is easy to remember and easy to advertise. Complicated domain names may be fine for links, but when someone has to spell it out over the phone or remember it from an advertisement, they are less likely to get it right.

Primarily, try to choose a domain that is your company name; if it includes one or more of your main keywords in it, kudos for you. A keyword in your domain name is the single most permanent place to put keywords for your site. When you see the domain name in the search results, it is a continuation of the keyword scent if it includes a keyword. On the other hand, your domain name may not seem as trustworthy if it does not contain the name of an organization or company. People have become weary of domain names that are a string of keywords separated by dashes and the effect on SEO rankings for including keywords in domain names is negligible.

So, focus on having a catchy domain name, that is unique, easy to remember and either includes your company name or makes it obvious what services you provide.