Advanced SEO

Page Titles

The title tag (AKA meta title) is displayed in the browser tab as well as in the link to your site in results. Title tags are a critical SEO factor that you have full control over.

Best practices are to write unique title tags for each page of your site, to keep your title tags under 55 characters and to put the most important information first. Google will generally display 50-60 characters so if you do not want the end of your title to be cut off in search results, keep it under 50 characters. The number of characters displayed in the browser tab will vary based on how many tabs you have open and it is expected that the title will often be cut off.

Many site owners mistakenly believe they should only put their company name in the title tag. For example, if your window cleaning company is named “Dexter & Dexter” and you are window cleaners in Florida, a good title for your services page would be “Florida Window Cleaning | Dexter & Dexter”. Other pages could be “About Dexter & Dexter”, “Contact Dexter & Dexter” and so on depending on the page content.

Continuing with the above example, you would want your company’s site to appear in search engine results for keyword queries such as “Florida window cleaners.” You would need to be even more specific if you only wanted to work for people in the Miami area. In that case, you would use keywords such as “Miami window cleaners” in your site’s title tags.