Advanced SEO



“If you want something done right, do it yourself” — an expression that aptly applies to search engine submissions. Many believe that some fancy piece of submission software can do it all.

This is a polite myth. The truth of the matter is that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to identify keyphrases, optimize content for these keyphrases and properly submit the pages to the right sites – not to mention continually analyzing rankings and tweaking pages for higher search engine positioning.

Software can certainly help to automate some facets of the process — but you can’t expect any application to make the job easy. In fact, some search engines have technology in place to prevent automated submissions. Others have terms of service that explicitly ban the use of any automated querying of their index.

Keep in mind that the location, method, and variables used in each engines “Add URL” page change all the time. Automated submission software may give a result of “Submission OK” but that only means it was able to submit the site variables – it does not mean the engine accepted them as a valid submission.

More than that, today, submitting to the search engines is a waste of time. The search engines will find you. What you need to do is to submit to directories, social media sites, industry related sites, and the like.

Manual Submissions

While submitting sites manually may mean more work in the short run, in the long run it definitely pays off.

If you are wondering whether you should submit just your home page or all of the pages, the answer is simple. When you are submitting to directories, you should only submit your home page.


After you submit, you should monitor your rankings and continuously try to optimize your pages so that they rank as high as possible. The search engine rankings don’t stay consistent, so don’t panic if your positions fluctuate. Just stick to your link building strategy, and, if it is good, you should see your website steadily make its way up the search engine listings.