Basics SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization?

You have a fantastic website, but it is listed at the very bottom of the Internet’s smallest search engine so no one even knows you exist. How can you direct traffic to your site? Start by optimizing your site so that it gets a better ranking in search engine results.

Search engine optimization is a valuable tool for directing traffic to your site. Not only will the traffic increase, but also the “right” kind of traffic as well. This is done by way of keyword research and search engine optimization. What does this all mean?

Keyword Research

Let’s say for example that you have a website that sells Disney posters. You must target people that are interested in buying Disney posters. Without the right keyword phrases, whatever traffic you get may not be from potential buyers. You may get traffic from people simply wanting information on Mickey Mouse. Traffic may come from people who just want to see pictures of Donald Duck. It may also include those who want Disney images. These surfers are just curious onlookers and not really potential buyers. After considering all options and doing keyword research you chose “Disney movie posters” as one of your keyphrases. The next step is to optimize your site for the term “Disney movie posters.”

Search Engine Optimization

There are two parts to search engine optimization:
1) On website optimization
2) Off website optimization

On Website Optimization

This optimization involves making changes to your website, such as:

  • Optimizing different pages of your site for different keyphrases
  • Having your main keyphrases appear within the regular (visible) text of your web page

Here are other places where keywords and keyword phrases would go:

  • URL’s (web address)
  • Web page titles
  • Meta-keywords
  • Meta-descriptions
  • Page headers
  • Alt Tags
  • Hyperlink text
  • Hyperlink images

Body of Text or Content

In the actual body of the site use the keywords to describe your products. Make sure your sentences make sense and are not a bunch of gibberish with random usage of keywords. Your paragraphs should be powerful, well written, and should focus on the keyword you want to target.

Off Website Optimization

This optimization involves making changes to other websites, such as:

Getting other sites to link to you.

Creating a link building strategy is essential to getting good rankings in the search engines, and it even brings people directly to your website.

Your link building strategy could include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Article Publishing
  • Directory Submissions

And a plethora of other techniques, aimed at getting people to link to, or talk about, your website.