Intro to Search Ads

Advantages of Search Ads

Search Ads have many advantages over organic search results. Here are just a few:

Instant Traffic – Search advertising can provide instant traffic to your website. After you set up your account, you see the results immediately. Moreover, if you are willing to outbid your competitors, you are almost guaranteed a top position (assuming you have a decent ad and your landing page is relevant). With organic search results, nothing is guaranteed. It may take months for your site to get a decent position in the search engines. Achieving a top ranking in organic results takes time and patience. See our SEO Basics and Advanced SEO guides for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips.

Control & Flexibility – Search advertising offers you greater control and flexibility than organic search results. As an advertiser, you have complete control over how much you are willing to pay for increased traffic. You can place bids based on your marketing goals and your buget. Moreover, since bidding mechanisms update your website’s ranking immediately, you also have flexibility. For example, if you see in your conversion statistics that traffic from certain states convert better than others, you can add a bid adjustment to increase bids for users from that state. Or if you find that you have the best conversion rate on Saturdays you can add bid adjustment to increase bids on Saturdays. The possibilities are endless.