PPC Advertising

Advantages of Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising has many advantages over the organic search results. Here are just a few:

Instant Traffic – Pay per click advertising can provide instant traffic to your website. After you set up your account, you see the results immediately. Moreover, if you are willing to outbid your competitors, you are almost guaranteed a top position (assuming you have a decent ad and your landing page is relevant). With regular search engines, nothing is guaranteed. It may take months for your site to get a decent position in the search engines, and even if it does get listed, it may be buried so far down in the search result pages that nobody will ever find it. Achieving a top ranking in regular search engines takes time and patience — so much so that companies must devote considerable staff time to it.Targeted Traffic – Traffic generated by pay per click advertising is usually more targeted than from organic results because webmasters can control the keywords that they are found under.

Control & Flexibility – Pay per click advertising offers you greater control and flexibility than regular search engines. As an advertiser, you have complete control over how much you are willing to pay for increased traffic. You can place bids based on your marketing goals and your budget. Moreover, since many bidding mechanisms are live and update your website’s ranking immediately, you also have flexibility. For example, if you currently hold the #5 spot in a pay per click search engine, and notice that on Mondays and Tuesdays your stream of visitors slows to trickle, you can increase your bid on those slow days to get a higher ranking and consequently more hits. The possibilities are endless.