PPC Advertising

Top Pay Per Click Engines

While Bing Ads and Google AdWords cover about 80% of the world market, other pay per click engines are vying for recognition. Here is a list and a brief description of some of the more notable ones.

Google AdWords– AdWords are text-based search ads that are displayed next to Google search results. These text-based ads function on a pay per click basis and are referred to as AdWords. Google rewards well-targeted, relevant ads therefore the top position is not always held by the top bidder. Google also offers banner ads, flash ads, video ads, and much more, which would be listed on thousands of independent websites through the Google Display network, or on YouTube.

Bing Ads– Bing offers text-based search ads which are displayed on the Bing search results pages.  They are very similar to Google AdWords, and even try to mimic the interface so that users who are familiar with AdWords don’t need to learn a new interface.  Bing Ads are great for expanding your reach.  They also offer a display network for banners ads.

Yahoo Gemini– Yahoo offers ads for certain products.  Other products tend to use the Bing Ads or Google AdWords in their search results. We have found they are best used to insert ads into their newsfeed (called Native ads).