Intro to Search Ads

Top Digital Ad Networks

The top digital ad networks are Google ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Google Ads –  Google is the biggest player in this field. They offer 2 main options:

  • Google Search Ads –  text-based ads that are displayed above Google’s organic search results. These text-based ads function on a pay per click basis. Google rewards well-targeted, relevant ads therefore the top position is not always held by the top bidder. For details see our guide on Google Search Ads.
  • Google Display Ads –  the sponsored results that appear on various websites throughout the Google Display Network. Display ads can be images with text or just text. Since they are displayed on other websites (not in search results) they allow you to reach an audience earlier in the buying cycle. For details see our guide on Google Display Ads.
  • Google Video Ads (YouTube Ads) – display your video ad to visitors on the YouTube homepage or searching for specific topics. Or show your video ad before a video your customers are watching.

Facebook Ads – are displayed while users are checking their Facebook feeds. Targeting is based on interests, demographics, location, users who like your page, friends of users who like your page, lookalike audiences and more. For details see our guide on Facebook Advertising.

Microsoft Advertising – text-based search ads are displayed on the Bing search results pages. Microsoft Advertising is very similar to Google search ads and is great for expanding your reach beyond Google. They also offer a display network for banners ads.