Intro to Search Ads

Choosing to use Search Ads

Choosing whether or not to use pay per click advertising is an individual decision for each company. Here are just a few things to consider when making that choice:

Industry – Consider the uniqueness of your product. Do you sell something that many other sites also sell, or is your product hard to find? You may already have an advantage.

Conversion Ratio – figure out the average number of visitors needed to make one sale. Use conversion tracking in Google analytics to simplify this task. Then calculate how much a visitor is worth to you (in dollars). This information will help you decide how much your maximum bid should be for a clickthrough.

Competition – What marketing strategy does your competition use? If your top competitor is a big advertiser on Google Ads you may want to consider trying this as well since you can learn from their strategy.

Marketing Budget – Do you have enough money to make search advertising part of your marketing campaign? Remember that even though search ads are relatively inexpensive per click, if there is a lot of competition for your keyword, it may not be as cost effective as you think. Make sure to do your math.

Setup – Who will be handling your ad accounts? Your in-house staff? Your webmaster? Your mail clerk? Optimizing keywords and targeting will bring in the best visitors, however, bidding on the wrong keyword or the wrong targeting will increase your spend. Outsourcing to a digital advertising agency┬áis a good way to stay ahead of your competition. A reputable company will help you decide which types of campaigns are right for you, will help manage your accounts, and will make informed decisions based on data and experience.