Advanced SEO


On the outside, directories look and feel exactly like search engines, but there is one major difference on the inside. Directories, unlike search engines, accept only sites that offer unique and quality information. That is because all sites submitted to directories are reviewed by humans. Any sites that are low in quality and information rarely get accepted, thus directories will have only a couple million websites instead of billions. Below is a short list of directories to submit to:

Search Engines

When you get listed in a search engines on the other hand, a spider or robot is sent to crawl your site and to index it. Search engines will accept almost any site or page that it finds, and will put them in a certain rank based on certain ranking criteria. The ranking criteria of each search engine are slightly different, are automated and are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is extremely important for people who are trying to promote their site to understand the differences between Directories and Search engines.

First Step

With that said, the first and most important step to Internet marketing is to make absolutely sure that the site is visually appealing, of high quality and full of unique and fresh information before submitting to any directories.

Directory Submissions

There are two major directories that you should try to get your site into, Yahoo!, and Dmoz (or Open Directory). There is a charge for Yahoo! (if it is a commercial site) and the returns for paying are no longer rewarding, so try to get in for free. Dmoz is free. You should read the submission guidelines for each directory to make absolutely sure that your site conforms to their expectations.

There is also a submission process that must be respected. For example, you need to find the right category that best fits the topic of your site. This can be achieved by either browsing through the directory or by doing a search on the keyword that best describes your site. The search results will include some different categories that are relevant to your request. Choose the one that is the most accurate. This is an important step because any submission sent to the wrong category will usually be discarded. Also, if the site is accepted in a certain category, this will be the category that the site will be stuck with for good. It is very difficult to change a site’s category once it is in and this will result in the loss of targeted traffic.

You can find further instructions for submissions to the ODP below, and please be sure to read them as they are vital if your site stands any chance of getting in. Try to follow all instructions as best as possible.