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Happy Holidays!

This holiday season will no doubt be different from past years. Our line of work has allowed us to enjoy the comforts and freedom of working from wherever we want and we are truly grateful for this which is made possible by the relationships we have made with our clients. We appreciate you entrusting us to work on your website/ads.

We will be closed between December 24 and January 2. If there is something pressing please contact us by text message.

Happy Holidays!

Red Carpet Web Promotion


Retiring our Videos Page

A lot has happened since we shot these videos 4 years ago. We have been very busy since that time with work for our clients and have not put any time into adding updated videos. With all the restrictions due to COVID-19 my email box has been less active this week and I have more time for housekeeping. It is time to remove the videos page from our menu and to work on updating our website.

See our YouTube Channel to access the videos for old times’ sake.




Website for album of music inspired by Antarctica

Just finished designing and developing the website for long time client Valmar Kurol and his collaborator Michael Stibor for their new album inspired by Antarctica. Check out their site:

They wrote:
“So I just checked out the website. I LOVE it! It’s so great. I love how interactive it is. And I love that you put the music right there on the website, and then divided it by movement. You did a superb job!” – Michael Stibor

“Great web site presentation of the CD and its story. It looks very clean, crisp and elegant. The music samples and corresponding track notes are convenient to play and read. Thanks for making this so free of clutter.” – Valmar Kurol


ArtistsInspire Grants Website Launch

Implementing this web strategy was a collaboration between Christie Huff (Lead Consultant – ELAN’s Arts & Education Initiatives), Denis Piquette (Chemin Robinson Consulting) and Red Carpet Web Promotion. ArtistsInspire Grants  provide support to Quebec’s English-speaking Communities by connecting artists with schools to facilitate hands-on creative experiences, funded the Government of Canada’s Action Plan for Official Languages. ELAN and LEARN are collaborating to promote and support the ArtistsInspire Grants program.

Red Carpet Web Promotion and Chemin Robinson Consulting developed he web strategy from start to finish within a very short timeframe, including creating the name “ArtistsInspire Grants”, the logo, the website, email campaigns and more.  The website launched May 23, 2019.  Have a look here: The website includes a login for schools to apply for multiple-year grants as well as a login for approved artists to create and edit their profiles.  See the artists profiles here:

Thanks to everyone who worked on this project to make it a success!

Sponsor a child

Child Sponsorship

Red Carpet Web Promotion has been sponsoring a child on a monthly basis through the charity Christian Children’s Fund of Canada for over 5 years, (since June 2011).  We have helped 2 children and their families to have a better life including access to clean water, education and health care.

Click here if you are interested in sponsoring a child.


New Client Feedback

See our new client testimonial regarding Facebook Ads to recruit participants for research on memory.

We were looking for participants experiencing memory loss to sign up for research studies in our lab in Sherbrooke. We had little success getting enough participants using traditional means. Red Carpet Web Promotion proposed a web strategy including a new website and targeted Facebook ads…

13 Year Anniversary!

Red Carpet Web Promotion started 13 years ago on June 1st 2000. Remember Y2K? Some of our first projects were creating affiliate websites for posters. Thanks to all of our clients, many of which were our uncles and family friends at the beginning. Thanks to our employees, contractors and families!

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