Keyword Research

Keyword Research is essential to finding the perfect balance between choosing keyphrases that are neither too broad nor too specific. The keyword research service eliminates the guesswork by analyzing the demand, relevance, competition, and ratio of demand-to-competition for a long list of keyphrases relating to your site.

Demand: We tell you how often people search for each related keyphrase. This information is available by comparing services such as Wordtracker and Google’s Keyword Tool, and is used to determine which phrases are searched for the most.

Relevance: Keyphrases are ranked on how well they fit with the objectives, content and specific goals of your site.

Competition: This is a measure of how many other sites are using a particular keyphrase. Generally, longer or more obscure keyphrases have less competition.

Ratio of demand-to-competition: This ratio helps determine which keyphrases are the best to use on your site for the purposes of search engine optimization. A phrase that has a good ratio of high demand to low competition, and has a high relevance, is the ideal keyphrase for you to be using.

This research is used for many aspects of your website promotion including determining which search terms will maximize your site’s appearance in the search results. This list can also be consulted for bidding in PPC advertising.

Additional Research

Competition research: Includes an analysis of the online marketing efforts of your top competitors. This is done in order to have a better understanding of the online market within your industry.

Product Research: In order to promote your website effectively, it’s important for us to learn about your products and services. We research the uses, demand and target market for your products, and given access to additional information, we can also take into consideration the profit margins on various items available on your website.

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